What is a Temporary Builders Supply Box or Electricity Meter Box ?  How Can I Get One?


Without a doubt,  on any new building site or renovation there will  be the need for an Electricity Box or a temporary builders box. What is it and how can I get one? Undoubtedly, these sorts of questions we’ve heard raised often on sites,  before any type of building begins.  It’s most common when residential domestic clients want to knock down and rebuild an older style home.  They are also installed on any major building sites like high rise apartments and shops.  Furthermore, Electricity Boxes are the boxes kept on every single site, usually square, silver steel galvanised and can be setup as single phase or three phase power.

So what is it?

It should be noted, a  temporary builders box or commonly known by builders as a TBS, describes exactly the word temporary.   A temporary box placed in a temporary position.   Particularly, the Temporary Builders Supply Box is supplied to site.  Builders and contractors will use power whilst working on a project.

Subsequently, a Temporary builders supply box is an Electricity MeterBox .  Importantly, this is provided by a Level 2 electrician.  It is also commonly known as the electricity supply box, fuse box or even circuit box or circuit board and switch board.

Where’s an Electricity Meter Box Installed?

Generally speaking, the electricity box will be mounted to a steel or timber pole.  Apart from this it can also be installed on any free standing post like structure or freestanding plinth.  The ultimate goal is the strength, versatility and safety of the finished product.

Firstly,  it will be placed in a safe position.  Secondly, it ‘s required to be  placed within  the limits of the NSW building and electrical wiring rules.  Here’s what Mo had to say about his >> Electricity board..<<

What’s installed in the Electricity Meter Box?

Usually,  there will be a meter in the board, but also power outlets.

Additionally, the power outlet can be a single power outlet or double power outlet.

Alternatively, you can install more than one power outlet to a board.

Further to this, the electricity meter box will contain a main switch and safety switch for the outlets they supply.

Can Wire In Electrical Supply the Builders Service?

No doubt, Wire In Electrical can supply and install your site builders supply or power electricity meter box.

Besides this, we will firstly go ahead and obtain all compulsory approvals.

A Permission connection submission is to be submitted to the Electricity Distributors of NSW.

Who are the Main two Electricity Distributors in Sydney?


Endeavour or Ausgrid are the main two distributors in NSW Sydney areas.  You can do a check up to see who your power is  connected with.  Our admin team will do this prior to any connection also.

Further more, we work closely  with  all electricity retailers.  These are  companies who on sell electricity to you.

Some retailers are  AGL, Alinta Energy, Red Energy,  In Canberra it’s Actew Energy and so on.   Above all, with no fuss, the electricity meter will be supplied and installed fast and  efficiently, by our team at Wire In Electrical.

Lastly, if you would like a builders supply box to your site, call 02 8599-2514 at Wire In Electrical now!

Or email us your site details to http://admin@wireinelectrical.com.au.  

To find our more you can head to our web page also at Level 2 Electrician Sydney

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