What Are Private Poles Used For? Why Do I Need Them?

What Are Private Poles Used For? Why Do I Need Them?


A private pole is just that.  A pole which will be classified as private.  Installed within your boundary and not on the councils boundary.

Without a doubt, the best installation will be a private pole for an aerial electrical service.

It should be noted, an installed connection is correct if installed without crossing the neighbours boundary.   Areas in Sydney, Blue Mountains  and Wollongong you will find are serviced mainly by electrical poles on the council strip. You can see the Connections  from Private poles to the main poles on the council strip.

Our Level 2 electrician will make a connection to the distributors pole.  Most importantly, a first call of process is to get permission from the electrical distributor in your area to be able to connect. This will be before any works are started.  Furthermore, upon completion a service route diagram will  be submitted to your local distributor.  Click on the link to find out who your distributor is.  https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Connections/Network-area-check

There are many factors to consider when using private poles.

The pole supplied needs to maintain minimum clearance over roadways and public walkways.

In addition, a specific diameter and thickness will be advised. This will be due to the dependence on size or amps required or size of the electrical cable installed. Specific minimum clearances provided will be due to onsite vegetation, like trees etc.

Furthermore, all installations will be within the  AustralianElectrical Standards 2000.  As noted above, importantly,  must not cross the neighbouring boundary property.

Wire In Electrical can supply a wide range of steel and timber poles.

Our Level 2 electricians are  current with the NSW Electrical Wiring Rules.

Therefore, are able to provide a solution for any site across Sydney, The Blue Mountains and Wollongong.


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