To begin with Tradies require there own set of tooling.  These tools allow an electrician as well as a Level 2 electrician do there daily work to the required standards. Below you can see some of the best top 6 Electrician tools for a level 2 Electrician.

Firstly, there will be some tools for electricians that are absolutely crucial in an electricians  line of work. 

Secondly, in order to test installed power, our electricians will use the bright red, yellow or green gadgets on a job site. Thirdly,  testing prior to disconnecting power.  Lastly, tests  will be done when Meters have been installed or uninstalled.  There  are many other reasons to use these testers.  

These top 6 Electrician tools are  important for everyday use.  Without them can make a job difficult and down right dangerous.   Furthermore and most importantly, electricians will use testers and tools on a job site in order  to do a job safely. 


Without a doubt, completion of any job can  be done efficiently and finally, to a top notch standard.  Bunnings may be a good place to start an electricians tool kit.

These are a handy list of some  electrician ‘s top devices .

Top 6 Tools for Electricians [Infographics]

Contact Wire In Electrical for all kinds of electrician needs.

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