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Are you in need of a New Solar Meter Installation?

Have you  installed Solar Power at your residence and now need a Solar Meter to run with your switchboard and Solar Connection?  It’s been known for many reasons, after the install of a new Solar System, people have  said, ” I  need to upgrade my switchboard”?

 First of all, it’s what we do best,  and would assess your switchboard to make sure you have the right type of wiring. And, if you need any type of power line repairs prior.   Secondly, a quick check would make sure you’re not needing a single to three phase upgrade from your overhead power or your underground power.   

Inevitably,  it’s best to check prior to any type of Solar Electricity power installation.  In the same way, if it’s a single phase board, you will need to install a Single Phase Solar Meter rated at the current rate required to match your inverter. 

Your Inverter  Rating

Consequently,  the higher the rating of your’re inverter,  the more likely you will be needing a three phase connection.    A single to three phase upgrade for your Solar System can easily be achieved , will have itself paid off quite quickly. Alternatively, it will  be separately metered with a three phase Solar Meter connection.  

As a result, the most important  connection will be the New Solar Meter and your power back on with the Electricity Reconnection. Furthermore,  once the Solar Meter is commissioned, meter data will be available.  Tracking information about outgoing energy will be more transparent.

With a new Solar Meter,  an upgrade meter board, you  have one of the best generation systems.  Cost savings,  especially during the Summer or Winter months. 

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We are Master Electricians, Solar Accredited and authorised Level 2  Electrician servicing Sydney NSW in My Area Ausgrid & Endeavour Networks

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We pride ourselves on being a “one-stop-shop” for all electrical work. Our team of electricians come from a variety of work back rounds.  Always consistent with  help on on the spot troubleshooting and fault finding.

For example, our experience in many projects has made our electricians efficient and knowledgeable.  Office staff are proficient in handling the  required documentation and appointments with inspectors and retailers.  Contact us for further information from our friendly staff.

What We Offer

Wire In Electrical Master Electrician, Solar Electrician and Level 2 Electrician Sydney offers expert knowledge and experience for all your electricity. Dedicated electricians are able to offer you comprehensive electrical solutions. Subsequently, our reputation with suppliers, have built trust for quality products, the best price and a most valuable service.

So, have worked extremely hard in creating a great name in the industry.  Most of our business is repeat from existing clientele or a result of recommendations and referrals.

Quality Workmanship

For our Solar, Master Electrician and Level 2 Electrician Sydney all suburbs, there can be nothing  more valuable than the trust given to us by our clients.  And it’s why we strive for our service to always exceed our client’s expectations.

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Foremost, our team work together to provide a sought-after service and achieve the client’s desired outcome.  Hence,  by delivering our reliable and quality electrical services at competitive rates, we will be your first choice for all things electrical.

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Our Services

We are Master Electricians, Solar Accredited and authorised Level 2  Electrician servicing Sydney NSW in My Area Ausgrid & Endeavour Networks

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