Residential Electrician Services

Our qualified Residential Electrician NSW can provide maintenance on any of your electrical equipment on your premises.

Wire in Electrical Services is an Electrical Contracting company that provides quality electrical services including Level 2 Services. We provide excellent residential electrical services in Sydney.

Here are some of the services our residential electricians can provide;

  • Connecting residential properties to the electricity network
  • New home builds, granny flats, studios & renovations
  • Design of residential electrical systems
  • Maintenance of residential electrical systems
  • Fault finding or Troubleshooting and repair services
  • Installation and servicing of residential lighting
  • Testing and tagging services
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • Level 2 power upgrades on electrical power lines and switchboards


The Most Professional Residential Electricians In Sydney

The licences we have are approved for the types of works you need.  So, we are authorised to connect your residential property to the electricity network. For example, we can install and repair overhead and underground service lines in order to connect you to the power supply. Our electricians are also licensed in the installation and removal of most types of meters.  We can certainly upgrade your electricity supply from single phase to three phases.  As a result, it will allow you to have enough power supply to carry out your activities.

A typical residential electrical service involves the reading and interpretation of technical diagrams. These diagrams, also known as schematics & blueprints, indicate the location of the different components that make up the residential electrical systems. These components include equipment such as residential electrical switchboards, circuits, and load centers. Once the location of various components has been established, the residential electrician can go ahead and carry out the residential electrical switchboard installation.

Residential wiring services connects your electrical system to the source of power. Electrical equipment which you use for lighting, heating or air conditioning your home can then be connected to the power supply. Some other services we provide are sewer pump wiring, pond wiring or even dam pumps and more.

Residential Wiring and Connections

When electrical residential wiring is done, the wires are connected to circuit breakers and safety switches. This ensures you stay safe from electric shock due to unsafe electrical appliances. Most importantly, we can perform residential electrical repair on your wiring as soon as a fault finding test picks up the fault in you wiring.

Wire In Electricians will always make a point of testing all connections once wiring is completed. Various testing tools such as multi meters, load testers and fault loop impedance meters can be  used. There used to ensure the components connected to the electrical system are compatible. Testing and tagging connections and electrical components ensures all components of the electricity system are safe for use.

Installations of all electrical gadgets in your home including air conditioning, switches, doorbells, intercoms, security cameras and all kitchen appliances we can do. To include, we can install power for  electric gates that will contribute to the security of your home. Switching / Power Points for external use, will always make sure to be waterproof.

A residential electrical inspection is important for identifying potential electrical problems in good time. Any electrical equipment not functioning properly can be repaired. Worn out parts such as switches, fuses or circuit breakers can be replaced to ensure that all residential electrical outlets are functioning properly and are safe for use.

Furthermore, our residential electricians are also skilled in the installation of residential LED lighting systems. We will install your indoor and outdoor lighting and will assess your lighting. It can  give you a solution that is energy-efficient to help reduce your energy bills.

Residential Switchboards

If you need a switchboard upgrade, a residential service electrician is at hand to assist. You will have a new switchboard installed which uses Residual Current Devices or RCD’s  in short,  to immediately switch off a faulty circuit. A switchboard upgrade will keep you safe  from a risk of fire and electrocution and is highly reduced.

In case of an electrical emergency, do not hesitate to call us. We will come to your residence as soon as possible. Manage the emergency and make the necessary residential electrical repairs.

The electricians at Wire In Electrical are excited to provide you with the most reliable and professional residential electrical service in Sydney. Call us today on 02-8599-2514 or email [email protected] to access the best residential electrician in Sydney.