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Welcome to Electrician Merrylands and Level 2 Electrician Services

Firstly, and most importantly, we carry out two main services.  A Master Electrician Merrylands service and a Level 2 Electrician Merrylands service. So, we are licenced to carry out any works to your electrical services inside or outside to your property boundary.

We’re a Friendly service provider happy to install and repair your electricity connections. All connections are attended to for Overhead and Underground wires, along with extra Connections, metering and Private Poles. In addition,  disconnection and reconnection services.

These services run between your  and the electrical supply grid belonging to Endeavour Energy. A Master Electrician and Level 2 electrician Merrylands 2160 does all and any electrical services a Merrylands resident builder or site owner may need.  Check on a  Google review from one of our happy clients completed  in the community.

Is our Electrician Merrylands Authorised to Carry out work on Level 2 Electrician work?

Undoubtedly, we are!   Consequently, our authorised Level 2 Electrician Merrylands is certified to tackle all types of electrical emergencies. Training is undergone on a yearly basis.  Therefore, from a wind blown power line to an electricity short or outage.  We are here to help you get your power back on when you need it.  For these reasons and more,  our Electrician services cover all your electrical needs.

It’s why Wire In Electrical is a good starting point for any solution. Like you, power and wiring in my local area are always needed. We can handle jobs from start to finish.  Any problems we’ll have you sorted accordingly.  A 3 phase installation can be done if your finding you constantly having such things as a shortage of power.

Why Trust a Wire In Electrician Merrylands?

Because our team at Wire In Electrical has had years of experience. Experience based on real reviews.  Not to mention all the works we have done for all types of clients from all walks of life.  Our  24 hour emergency electrical service is why we shine.

In addition, our dedicated Merrylands team have developed a reputation for a good quality service.  An on-time completion.   We guarantee results for our own satisfaction.

All master electrician services and  Level 2 Electrician material we supply are approved by Australian Regulation.  The installation of our switchboards and services to your property are fully tested.   Contact us today for any Electrician Services or  Level 2 electrical requirements.

• Electrical Fit Outs
• Rewiring old and new installations
Switchboard Upgrades
• Connection Applications
Granny Flat, Shops and Studio Meters
• Electrical Test and Tag
• Commercial Electrical
• Data Cabling
Switchboard Connections
200amp board services

Meter Connections
• Ausgrid and Endeavour Electricians
Power Line Repairs
• Solar Panel Installations
Single to 3 phase upgrades
• Power Upgrades
• Overhead lines
• Underground lines and pillars
• Disconnections and re-connections
New home wiring

Our Services

We are Unique because we are Master Electricians &  an Authorised Level 2 Electrical Service Provider Servicing Merrylands NSW, Endeavours Network area.

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Wire In Electrical Disconnections Reconnections Switchboard Setup

Should you need to demolish your home for a new home build or just relocate your switchboard or mains power. You will require a disconnection and re-connection.  A setup of a new supply.  Then a new meter to a temporary or permanent position. We can do these all for you.  Alternatively, we can also add in any extra power points, earthing and anything else required.  As an example, you may require additional lighting or power points!

To sum up, Wire In Electrical is licenced in all types of electrical installations in Sydney NSW.   This includes Level 2 Electrical works on the Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy lines. The two distributors in Sydney. Due to our extensive experience on many projects in Sydney, our team will be ready to handle any task or question that may arise.