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Wire In Electrical your Electrician in Lidcombe

Why are we the most Qualified  Trusted and Licensed Level 2 Electrician Lidcombe

Of most importance, our professional Level 2 Electrician  Lidcombe, is highly trained licenced and accredited under a compulsory system managed by Ausgrid and Endeavour.  So you know your getting the best qualified Electrician or Level 2 Electrician for your job.  Our highly trained team specialise in Master Electrical works,  Level 2 electrical works and Solar Electrical . Wire In Electrical are accredited for all these services and are always on standby to connect you to the right professional you may be needing.  Our one hundred percent satisfaction Guaranteed, quality electricians will love to have a chat with you to make sure you get the right electrician for your specific job.  Especially during any emergency.  After all,  it’s what we’ve been trained for and are ever ready for your call.

So Why  Mention Ausgrid and Endeavour

Put simply,  they own the electricity grid, so anything we want to make a connection to must have permission prior, before we attempt to alter or add new services to your power.  Once your service is completed, we will also complete a notification of service works to them so they know what new connections or adjustments were made to your premise.

What a Completed  Job Service  Level 2 Electrician Lidcombe Can Look Like

One service our Electrician in Lidcombe 2141 has completed recently includes the disconnection to demolish a house to make way for a new home build. Following this with a brand new overhead connection service.  A private steel pole was inserted into the ground at the front of the boundary for the temporary build. Following the private pole came a new builders box or switchboard meter board, which was setup as a three phase connection. The 3 phase switchboard was assembled to the pole. Finally,  for the builders supply power was installed two double power points in the electricity box.  These will be used by any and all contractors on site while the new build is in progress.  And in conclusion, after all these services were installed we put the final touch required and this was the meter installation.  We do this often and is quite popular. Check out what one google reviewer said after the completion of his job

This is why our clients say Wire In Electrical have the  best electrician in Lidcombe, your local area.

Why Trust Wire In Electrical Lidcombe

Trust itself is given on experience and guaranteed results. Wire In Electrical has been in the electrical business for some time and has 20 years in combined experience with all walks of life. From your home owner to your major corporate business CEO.  We have proven many times over we are accomplished.

In addition, our dedicated skilled Lidcombe team have developed a reputation for quality, quantity and  on-time completion with a broad range of projects. As a result, we have worked on many sites  including, government, real estates, strata maintenance, residential and commercial sites.  These include all types of shops, clubs and restaurants.  Even more recently we have completed a new upgrade to a pubs electrical system.  All supplies are brand spanking new, we always use the recommended Australian guaranteed and coded cleared wiring in all our installations.

Overall we don’t just want to guarantee results; we also have a burning desire to  guarantee satisfaction.

Level 2 Electrician Services Lidcombe

Being one of the best local electricians in Lidcombe does come with its’responsibilities.  It’s why our in office team do all the necessary  paperwork.  Especially,  when it comes to connection applications, follow up on calls made to your retailer or distributor.  And at the end of an installation, hours of submissions. With the correct authorities to get all there data systems up to date and within Australian codes and practices.   Below listed are some of our services we can provide and happy to assist;

Our Services

We are Master Electricians, Authorised Level 2 Accredited Electricians and Solar Electrician in Lidcombe NSW

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