Endeavour UV Defects Damage

Electrical UV Defects

Have you been issued with a Endeavour UV Defects Damage rectification notice?  You may have received a defect notice from Endeavor or Ausgrid in the Sydney area.  Literally thousands of these defects are issued yearly.

Firstly, UV defects can be issued by your local electrical inspector who are Ausgrid and Endeavour in Sydney.   Importantly, this happens when the cabling at your point of attachment perishes due to environmental effects.  Typically the insulation on your cabling will crumble and flake off causing exposed conductors to hang loose in the air.  On the dangerous side,  they then present a hazard.  Therefore, on a windy or stormy day, they  may  touch together creating a short and blowing the cable to pieces. Most dangerous, they can pass electrical currents through nearby metallic objects.  Examples; such as down pipes, gutters and metal roofing.   Most common, is damage to appliances inside the property.   There  not normally covered by your insurance company,  due to failing to maintain the electrical installation.

Lastly, the two most common ways to fix these issues may be by re- insulating the damaged cabling (if cabling is in a good enough condition to do so).

Alternatively, you may try  re-running new cabling that has UV rated properties.  You can replace existing cabling and run in  new cabling at a larger capacity or amps.

Ideally, it will enable a newer and larger supply of power, due to thickness in gauge and amps.  Beneficial when installing air conditioning, adding a granny flat, upgrading a hot water system or even adding a solar system.


Here is what one of the distributors have to say  about  what to look for in a defect.  https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Your-safety/Safety-around-your-home/Electrical-install-defects

Check which Zone your in https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Connections/Network-area-check


Punch in your postcode in the above link.  If it states you are out of the area, you will more than likely be in the Endeavour area, only  if you live in Sydney.

Wire in electrical can fix and clear the defect with your retailer or distributor.  The Energy company will be notified upon completion,  in order to clear  the defect.  Send a copy of your defect notice to us pronto!!


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