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Ausgrid Defect Notice Rectification Sydney

Have you been given a defect notice by Endeavour or Ausgrid?

If your are in the Ausgrid area,  Ausgrid will ask you to contact a  Level 2 Electrician Ausgrid Defect Notice electrician.  If you are in the Endeavour area the same process will apply.

An electrical defect  notice rectification Sydney is given when your electrical installations don’t meet the safety requirements of the Electrical wiring rules.   Regulations are a necessity and keep you safe. You will be told by Ausgrid or Endeavour to contact a Level Electrician.  Therefore, they will ask you  to fix  any defect that they  have seen at your home or business.   They will normally give you a 21 day grace period.  Just enough time to fix and clear your defect notice.

Why have I been asked to hire a Level 2 Electrician Ausgrid Defect Notice – Endeavour Defect received in Sydney?

Level 2 Electrician Ausgrid Defect Notice s can be given in any Ausgrid area or Endeavour area.  Possibilities could be,  electrical set up does not meet the safety requirements. This can be because of incorrect or defective wiring.  Current alterations or additions to the connection.  Bush land, scrub or branches growing to close to  electrical wires on your property.

Other defects given can be due to a pole rusting or rotting out at the bottom.  It would need to be changed and renewed to new.  Where wiring has come loose is attached to your front facade, called a point of attachment.  This usually happens if the line becomes old.  Usually after a storm it’s a good idea to check your line to make sure  it hasn’t sagged or become detached from the bracket.  People who have underground power will be a bit luckier than there overhead line counterpart.

Another defect notice Rectification Sydney you can get,  is if your line becomes UV damaged.  Yes you read it right.   Even a power line can be damaged by the rays of the sun. The power line can breakdown in particles, split or fray and crack.   It will either need to be repaired or replaced and is dependent on how much damage has been caused.

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Our team of electrician s are ready to get your power up and running.   Our experienced electrician s will get a Meter and switchboard to your site with minimum downtime. Office staff handle all required documentation and appointments with inspectors and retailers.  If needed, so you’re not left hanging waiting on a phone. Contact us immediately to receive the best outcome for your site.

In addition, our dedicated and highly skilled team have developed a reputation for quality, on-time completion on a wide range of projects. As a result, we have worked to clear many Ausgrid Defect s caused by defective attachment bracket in residential areas of Sydney.  Endeavour defects have also been cleared. As an example,   storm damaged lines needed reconnection.  UV damage lines needed replacing.  This is a common cause and with the Australian sun is almost always a problem.

Defect Rectification Notices

In short, there can be many  potential dangers when it comes to defective work or defective wiring.  Don’t leave power issues to chance and have your electricity connections checked .  And always remember  to do a check  after a storm surge.  This always bring s out the nasties and will have you fried if your not taking care of your issues immediately.

Our works can involve a disonnection and reconnection to rectify any issues with your overhead power line or underground power line if it’s been damaged.

Another Level 2 Electrician Ausgrid Defect Example

Another example is of a switchboard burn out.  Cable disintegration in a switchboard is a dangerous fire waiting to happen.  This happened recently with a client.   He asked “can you upgrade my switchboard’?  Totally, was our reply,  he was so happy, when we brought it back to code.  Fortunately, there was a positive outcome. No one was injured or hurt, and he was able to cover the cost through his insurance.  So, it was an all round happy ending.  No matter how hard you may think a problem may be, we are always happy to find the right solution.  We can clear any Ausgrid defect or Endeavour defects.

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We are licenced Electricians trained and certified Level 2 Electrician Ausgrid Defect Notice repairs, servicing Sydney NSW in Ausgrid & Endeavours Network areas-Because they own your electricity!

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