3 Phase Power – Efficient And Cost Effective Power Supply

The electricians at Wire in Electrical Services are skilled in the installation of 3 phase power connections. 3 phase electricity includes three sources of voltage that supply identical loads. The three waves of current supply power one after the other and are properly balanced so that there is a constant supply of power. The voltage that runs through a 3 phase power outlet is lower than in other arrangements, which make 3 phase power safer to use.

Three phase power is known to be flexible and has a high power density. A 3 phase power system is commonly used in manufacturing industries and large commercial enterprises.

Our electricians are licensed to install a 3 phase meter. A 3 phase meter box has eight 3 phase cables, where four of the cables are connected to the 3 phase circuit breaker while the other four are connected to the fuse board. 3 phase wiring is not as expensive as 1 phase wiring and is even cheaper to run. A single phase power system is an alternating current that uses a power wire and a neutral wire. Current therefore flows between the two wires. This system is common in homes and is used to provide power to electrical gadgets.

Our electricians can connect a single phase to a 3 phase system by connecting two live conductors. A neutral and a phase conductor can also be connected in order to link a one phase system to 3 phase power. When connecting a single phase to a 3 phase system, the load from the single phase has to be distributed equally among the three phases of the 3 phase system. A three-phase system has a motor that is very efficient and is used to run conveyor belts, compressors and other machines in industries.

There are many benefits that a consumer can get from the use of a 3 phase power system rather than a 1 phase system. Some of these benefits include:

  • A 3 phase power system produces more power with the same amount of current.
  • The cost of 3 phase power is lower than the cost of a one phase power system.
  • A 3 phase power system produces continuous power that helps the electric motor run efficiently.
  • Industrial companies and data centers are cheaper to run when using a 3 phase power system since the wiring and electrical gadgets required will be fewer and smaller.
  • Energy loss is reduced when using a 3 phase system, which results in energy savings.
  • When a machine is run by a 3 phase motor, it vibrates less and thus lasts longer.

Due to the many benefits that consumers can get from a 3 phase system, our electricians can convert 1 phase to 3 phase power. If you have one phase system but have equipment that you need run on a 3 phase system, a converter can be used. The challenge when converting single phase to three phase is that in a single phase, the voltage reaches zero while three phase voltage is continuous. This means that the converter used should enable the continuous provision of electricity.

To convert single phase to three phase, the converter has to find a way to store energy to be used when the single phase voltage crosses zero. This will enable a continuous flow of electricity so that it is possible to convert single phase to 3 phase power.

In order for three phase equipment to be used in a one phase system, a three-phase motor can be used. Our electricians can use a motor that corrects the power factor so that a 3 phase voltage is produced that is balanced. This balanced power will ensure that your machines and equipment do not vibrate and that they will serve you for a long time.

Our electricians make use of a 3 phase power board to ensure that the distribution of power is done safely during events. The distribution board is made up of a 3 phase connector, a 3 phase socket, a long 3 phase cable and a 3 phase plug connector. There is also a 3 phase circuit breaker to ensure that the system is safe for use.

If you are looking for a certified electrician to install 3 phase power on your property, or to convert single phase to three phase power, we have the professionals who will do a high-quality job. Our experts will also be happy to further explain 3 phase power to you so you can be informed as you use it.

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