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3 Phase Power-Cost of Power
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3 Phase Power-Cost of Power

 Wire In Electrical and 3 Phase Power Cost

Are you needing 3 phase power to your site?  First up, what are some reasons for getting 3 Phase Power in Sydney?

  1. You are a shop owner, pub owner or cafe who requires commercial type appliances with high wattage
  2. Residential homes running pool pumps, air conditioning, induction cook tops or higher rated appliances
  3. The purchase of new Solar System which has a higher rated inverter more than  6.6kw needing three phase power installed
  4. Building sites requiring crane connections or a Builders supply
  5. Apartment blocks requiring house services,  ground level services or lift services
  6. Rural farmers or Producers requiring 3 phase for machinery sheds, cool rooms to carry on a business
  7. Building a new home requesting underground or overhead 3 phase services to a new or renovated site

Here are some general questions and answers on what people usually ask us about three phase power!

What is three phase power?

Put simply,  three phase power is power supplied on three separate phases around 400V.  Or, 3 Phases of power  delivered over three wires in a cycle of one third in between each delivery of power,  instead of  one single phase.   While the first phase is passing through the main point the other two phases are generally working up to deliver a third of the time later.  It’s single phase counter part runs at 230Volts.

How to get three phase power in Australia?

Firstly you need to check what state your in.  The rules for installing power differs from state to state.  For example;  in Sydney,  your three phase power will need to be applied for with your  electricity distributor.  Your distributor can be Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy.   These two companies own the grid.  A licenced level 2 accredited electrician who has done the training with Ausgrid and Endeavour must do the work.    Wire In Electrical your Level 2 Electrician will organise this for you with Ausgrid or Endeavour.  Secondly,  we would then organise your retailers meter to site.  And lastly, administrations will be done by our in house staff.  It cuts out a lot of how to and what to do next type of worries when getting an electricity upgrade or new connection.   Our team of experienced staff will keep you well  informed of progression.

Secondly, on how to get 3 phase power. A check will need to be done to see whether there is three phase available for you out on the street.  It is quite easy to get three phase power if you know what the protocols are. Whether it’s from a pillar or a pole .   But in some instances especially rural areas, a check with the local distributor is what we would do.  They will be able to let us know  how much power is available for you.  Further more, we can request  permission to install 3 phase power or upgrade from single phase to three phase.

Permissions for Electricity in Sydney

If permission is given for the go ahead by the distributor, our team can then start to organise an installation for you.  Certain things like an electrical schematic may be requested.  Other things like a service route diagram and mapping will also be required.  These will all be done by our Level 2 Electrician.  Paperwork is ongoing from before your works commence,  during your works and then again after we are long gone and completed your works.  There will be reports, photographs, lots of Notices and clearances we will need to submit in order to get everyone on par with what was installed at your site.

What is the cost to install three phase power in Australia?

There is no real answer to this question until your site and  electricity board or power has been assessed.    Our Level 2 Electrician  will take a very good look at your board if it’s already existing.  Check wiring and circuits needing replacement.  He may need to rearrange parts in the board in order to fit a new updated meter. Or,  if it’s a brand new board from scratch, he will need to include the overhead or underground services length,  plus metering.  Other conditions like asbestos may be existing.  It also can  be dependent on the existing services to overhead power lines or underground  connections.  How far away they are.  What is most important is the  consideration of distance from the boundary to point of attachment.

No two boards or jobs are alike is the reason why we cannot take a figure from the top of our head for what the cost is to install three phase power. Simply, get a quote from us, it can be the best thing you’ll ever do,  a proper assessment will leave no doubt as to what the end cost is going to be.  All you need to do is send a nice clear picture of your meter board to us if it’s an existing one.  Send through some notes as to what you want to achieve and who you get your electricity bill from.   The more information we have, the better your questions will be answered.

Cost of 3 phase power?

Yes, we surely do get this question a lot!! The cost of three phase power is no different to the cost of single phase power. Why?  Because your only paying for the amount of power your using.  If your using an air conditioning unit for instance, running it on a three phase connection all day long, you will pay for the whole day you used it.  It will draw power to the rating specified .  The only difference is,  it will be on it’s own separate phase to your light’s (for example) and will save your lights from flickering from fluctuating power while in use.

You can receive quite a high electricity bill just on a single phase setup.  Just by using small plugin appliances like fan heaters or coolers.  The higher the wattage, like a 2000watt  heater,  the higher the cost of your electricity bill.  These electrical appliances may be cheap to buy but the cost of running them are surely not.

To find out who your distributor is,

You can do a Post code check  Ausgrid to find out which distributor owns your power lines and a little bit about Who is Ausgrid and Who is Endeavour Energy  Once you have completed a postcode check and you find your outside the Ausgrid area you can go to Endeavour Energy’s  network Area .

Look no further, for a certified electrician to install or upgrade from a single phase to 3 phase power.  Upgrade your single phase to three-phase or simply install 3 phase power from the get go.  Our licenced electricians  are experienced in all type of switchboard and power related works.  We are here to help you.

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