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3 Phase Power Installations and Upgrades

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3 Phase Power-Installations and Upgrades

Watts up with 3 Phase Power Installations and Upgrades?

Efficient And Cost Effective Power Supply-3 Phase Power

Consequently, 3 Phase Power Installations and Upgrades are a hot topic in the electrical community.  The electricians at Wire in Electrical Services are skilled in 3 Phase Power Installations. 3 phase power electricity includes three sources of voltage which supply identical loads. The three waves of current,  supply power one after the other.  With three live wires,  a 3 phase power supply is constant. Yet it’s a reliable current to help larger loads cope with appliances requiring more power.

Importantly, a three phase power supply can transmit three times as much power as it’s single phase counterpart.

Benefits of using a 3 Phase system

There are many benefits a consumer can get from the use of 3 phase power rather than a single phase system. Some of these benefits include:

  • 3 phase power systems produce more power with the same amount of current
  • Industrial companies and data centres are cheaper to run on 3 phase power
  • Having 3 phase power will avoid  electricity circuits  being over loaded
  • Energy loss reduced when using a 3 phase system, which can result in energy savings
  • A machine run by a 3 phase motor, vibrates less and thus lasts longer
  •  3 phase power  is  consistent in its delivery unlike single phase which peaks and dips in voltage
  • Three phase power delivers supply at a steady and constant rate
  • To avoid power fluctuations , will keep the load of your electricity balanced over the three phase power installation
  • For the installation of larger Solar Systems for solar power
  • Compressors & 3 phase power motors are generally more efficient than single phase so are cheaper to run

Due to the many benefits, consumers get from a 3 phase system, our electricians can upgrade single phase  to 3 phase power.

What are some  reasons to install 3 Phase Power?

Firstly,  if you wanted to install  Air conditioning, you would need to check how much power you’d require.   Air conditioners will have the recommended  amps and phases required on the generator.  In most instances,  you will need 3 phase power to even the electrical load of your lighting with appliances and  the air conditioner.

Here’s some beneficial advice from a supplier on Single and three phase Air conditioning.

Furthermore, it’s advisable, splitting the load over three phases.  You could connect an air conditioner on one of the 3 phases. After this, add the additional lighting load to phase 2 and the rest of your electrical load to the 3 phase.

Other Equipment

Other equipment for example,  Motors and pumps for fishponds or swimming pools can be connected to a separate phase also. What if you lived on a farm and had farm animals or a crop?  You’d need a larger amount of energy to pull water up a pump.  This would definitely be connected on a separate phase.

Equipment like industrial ovens,  kilns for cooking and pottery.  You might like to host parties and social events. Commercial sites are recommended to have 3 phase.  Since, requiring a larger amount of energy for your appliances and lighting may be necessary.  These can all be maintained on separate phases.

Furthermore, the installation of a Solar System.   The size of the Solar System will depend on whether a site has established single or three phase.  If you have three phases, you will be one of the luckier ones.  For this reason, you will be able to get a larger capacity Solar System. Besides, you will reap the rewards of saving on your electricity bill. Hence, getting larger credit returns from your retailer.  Well worth the money spent.  Guaranteed to be paid off in a very short amount of time.

Lastly, you may have a hobby and work in a backyard shed.  Do you do a bit of wood work, grinding, welding or machining? Ultimately,  we would calculate the power needed.  Our electricians will  provide  a 3 phase solution to suit the amount of amps and phases for your needs.

In conclusion

Look no further, for a certified electrician to install or upgrade from a single phase to 3 phase power.  Upgrade your single phase to three-phase or simply install 3 phase from the get go.  Our licenced electricians who are experienced in  switchboard related works, can help you.

Call us today on   02 8599 2514  all over SYDNEY in NSW and we will be happy to provide you with excellent Electrical Services.